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Planning Poker cards by Redbooth

At Redbooth we have many fun traditions like Elegant Wednesday, home made lunches or going to the countryside to work on cool stuff for a week. We love to have fun and we love to innovate.

We also use scrum. To make the planning of a sprint more fun, we created our own personalised planning poker cards. The main idea is that each card has an idiom represented that goes with the number. Although some of them are based on Spanglish and inside jokes that we have going around the office.

Here is what each card means:

  • 1 - Low hanging fruit
  • 2 - Piece of cake
  • 3 - It Ain’t Rocket Science
  • 5 - Ornitorinco (Platypus). Just because it rhymes with Cinco in Spanish :P
  • 8 - An arm and a leg
  • 13 - Just squeaking by
  • 20 - Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • 40 - Meterse en un berenjenal (To step into an aubergine field. In other words to find yourself in a pickle. Why is it always vegetables, by the way?)
  • 100 - Monster task (Oh, the poor unicorn is so scared!)
  • Infinite - When pigs fly (Wouldn’t that be awesome?)
  • ? - Here be dragons
  • Ping Pong - Coffee break card

Special cards:

  • Brownie. This is our own literal translation of the word Marrón in Spanish. Basically this means that you’re stuck with a difficult or unpleasant task. This card doesn’t really apply to standard planning poker. But hey, it’s more fun this way :)

  • Yak shaving. Because, you know, it happens to the best of us.

More about: Scrum and Redbooth.

Font used in the cards - Roboto Slab. We ordered our decks at

License: Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0). Enjoy these! Don't forget to attribute and let us know if you add any cards of your own. We’d love to see what your special cards are.


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