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Ordering of import statements

In general PEP-8 import ordering should be used. However there are a few additions.

  • Imports should be grouped in the following order:
    1. standard library imports
    2. related third party imports
    3. reddit modules
  • No relative imports: All imports should have fully qualified package names.
  • for each imported group the order of imports should be:
    1. import <package>.<module> style lines in alphabetical order
    2. from <package>.<module> import <symbol> style in alphabetical order

Importing multiple symbols from <module> import <multiple>

  • Only one from line per module is permitted
  • If there are too many symbols for a single line of < 80 characters then the import should be indented as shown below.
  • The symbols should be sorted alphabetically.

It should look as follows:

from foo import (
  • This should only be used if there are 10 or fewer symbols to import. Otherwise consider using an import <module> as <alias> and prefixing all symbols from that module with the appropriate alias.