Formtastic Form Builder for Date, Time and DateTime data types and monetary values
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Formtastic Form Builder for Date, Time and DateTime data types and monetary values

This form builder for Formtastic transforms Date, Time and DateTime data fields into date/time picker UI widgets. It also appends a currency symbol before monetary value data to indicate to the user the type of data required.


  • Add the following to the end of your Formtastic initializer file:

Formtastic::SemanticFormHelper.builder = SemanticFormBuilder

  • Ensure you have included jQuery and jQuery UI frameworks in your layout. Also include the Timepicker Addon (included).

  • Use the application.js as an example to hook the fields to the time picker. Optionally apply the CSS styles (examples included).

  • Be sure to apply the locale information in the example English file to ensure date/time formats are rendered correctly.

  • In your view, Date, Time and DateTime data will be automatically transformed. For monetary values, use the following as an example:

<%= form.input :price, :label => “Price”, :as => :monetary %>

  • You can change the monetary symbol used in the form builder. This is something that could be improved upon.

  • Note that the time picker addon is not aware of time zones, so you could use the #utc method with time data in your controller to ensure it is saved and read correctly (if time zone data is not important to you). A more elaborate implementation which preserves TZ data would be preferred, of course.


Copyright © 2010 Steve Lorek.