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OpenStack Puppet Modules

This repository contains a collection of Puppet modules shared between several OpenStack installers, including:

These modules are included via git subtrees, which reference the various upstream modules at a given revision, which can be found in the Puppetfile, and is not really meant to be used directly, but rather to be utilized by a composition layer, such as the above installers. We use gerrithub for reviews, please see the Contributing document for more detail on the process.

The repository contains branches which map to OpenStack releases, as well as branches that are basically upstream plus any required patches that have not yet been merged (or can not be merged for some reason), but are needed by one or more of the target installers in order for that installer to work properly. This is a constantly moving target, and the goal is to eliminate as many of this kind of patch as possible, with each release attempting to contain less of these than the previous one. UPDATE From liberty forward, we carry no patches that are not merged upstream, so the branch naming is more related to rdo build automation than required by our codebase.

The various releases map like this:

OPM Branch Openstack Release
upstream-kilo upstream kilo
stable/kilo kilo + patches
upstream-liberty upstream liberty
stable/liberty upstream liberty
upstream-mitaka upstream mitaka
stable/mitaka upstream mitaka
upstream-master upstream master
stable/master upstream master

Each time a change is pushed to a {version} + patches branch, and automated build system generates rpms. These can be found in the follow places:

Please see for more information on how this process works up to the point that the automation takes over.