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Kubernetes Tutorial

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You can access the HTML version of this tutorial here:

Visual Studio Code Remote Development

If you are using Visual Studio Code with the Remote Containers Extension, you don’t need to install anything locally to be able to contribute or run through this tutorial.

Simply follow these instructions:

  1. (Only if running with podman) Set the environment variable DEVCONTAINER_TARGET_PREFIX=podman

  2. Open VS Code from the root of the kubernetes-tutorial repository and when prompted indicate that you want to "open the folder in a container".

Once the devcontainer is initialized, from the Visual Studio Code terminal you will be able to run all the commands outlined for creating documentation.

Execute Tutorial with VSCode Remote

You can also run through the tutorial with VSCode Remote. The only trick is that you will need to be able to access minikube from within your docker container.

Building the HTML locally

In the root of your git repository, run:


And then open your gh-pages/index.html file:

open gh-pages/index.html

Iterative local development

You can develop the tutorial docs locally using a rapid iterative cycle.

First, install the yarn dependencies:

yarn install

And now start gulp. It will create the website and open your browser connected with browser-sync. Everytime it detects a change, it will automatically refresh your browser page.


You can clean the local cache using:

gulp clean