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leibale committed Mar 31, 2021
1 parent 7fdc54e commit b797cf2
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Expand Up @@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ using unix sockets if possible to increase throughput.
| enable_offline_queue | true | By default, if there is no active connection to the Redis server, commands are added to a queue and are executed once the connection has been established. Setting `enable_offline_queue` to `false` will disable this feature and the callback will be executed immediately with an error, or an error will be emitted if no callback is specified. |
| retry_unfulfilled_commands | false | If set to `true`, all commands that were unfulfilled while the connection is lost will be retried after the connection has been reestablished. Use this with caution if you use state altering commands (e.g. `incr`). This is especially useful if you use blocking commands. |
| password | null | If set, client will run Redis auth command on connect. Alias `auth_pass` **Note** Node Redis < 2.5 must use `auth_pass` |
| user | null | The ACL user (only valid when `password` is set) |
| db | null | If set, client will run Redis `select` command on connect. |
| family | IPv4 | You can force using IPv6 if you set the family to 'IPv6'. See Node.js [net]( or [dns]( modules on how to use the family type. |
| disable_resubscribing | false | If set to `true`, a client won't resubscribe after disconnecting. |
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