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@mrniko mrniko released this Nov 23, 2018 · 689 commits to master since this release

Feature - takeFirstElements and takeLastElements streaming methods added to RBlockingDequeRx
Feature - RBlockingQueueRx.takeElements streaming method added
Feature - RTopicRx.getMessages streaming method added
Feature - async methods for listener removal added to RTopic object
Feature - RxJava2 method call cancellation support added
Feature - RObject.getSizeInMemory method added
Feature - RTopic.countListeners method added
Feature - takeFirstElements and takeLastElements added to RScoredSortedSetReactive and RScoredSortedSetRx objects
Feature - takeFirst and takeLast methods added to RScoredSortedSet object
Feature - readGroup method variations added to RStream object
Feature - remove, trim, fastClaim, removeGroup, removeConsumer, updateGroupMessageId methods added to RStream object
Improvement - JCache performance optimization up to 2x times
Improvement - Redis url validation
Fixed - Exception serialization by Jackson codec
Fixed - DNS channels aren't pooled
Fixed - RStream commands don't work with Redis 5.0.1 version
Fixed - task scheduled with cron pattern isn't executed with single worker
Fixed - Spring Boot Starter doesn't convert properly list of sentinel addresses
Fixed - RTopic and all objects based on it stop work properly if Subscribe timeout occured
Fixed - JDK 1.6 compatibility for 2.x version
Fixed - IPv6 addresses format support for Sentinel mode (thanks to Mikhail Surin)
Fixed - null value handling for Spring Boot Starter's timeoutValue setting (Thanks to junwu215177)
Fixed - OOM during RLocalCachedMap.fastPut method invocation and Reference based EvictionPolicy is used
Fixed - exception in CommandDecoder while using PubSub with ping
Fixed - RTopic.removeAllListeners invocation leads to PubSub connections leak
Fixed - all methods of RSemaphoreRx and RAtomicDoubleRx objects should return Flowable object
Fixed - Redisson.createRx method should return RedissonRxClient

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