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Everyscrub for Brackets

Everything's a scrubber! Cmd/Ctrl + drag on any number or hex color to scrub its value. In "Live development" mode, the browser preview will update in real time while you're dragging.

Works with any number in CSS, LESS, and JavaScript. Also works with 3- or 6-digit hex colors in CSS and LESS (darkens/lightens the color). Just hold down Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Win), click on the number in your source code, and drag the mouse horizontally.

What is Brackets?

Everyscrub is an extension for Brackets, a new open-source code editor for the web.

To use Everyscrub:

  1. Download the ZIP and unzip it; or clone this repo
  2. Place the everyscrub folder so the structure is: brackets/src/extensions/user/everyscrub/main.js
  3. Launch Brackets!


MIT-licensed -- see main.js for details.