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Redox OS Microkernel

MIT licensed docs

Debugging the redox kernel

Running qemu with the -s flag will set up qemu to listen on port 1234 for a gdb client to connect to it. To debug the redox kernel run.

make qemu debug=yes

This will start a VM with and listen on port 1234 for a gdb or lldb client.


If you are going to use gdb, run the following to load debug symbols and connect to your running kernel.

(gdb) symbol-file build/kernel.sym
(gdb) target remote localhost:1234


If you are going to use lldb, run the following to start debugging.

(lldb) target create -s build/kernel.sym build/kernel
(lldb) gdb-remote localhost:1234


After connecting to your kernel you can set some interesting breakpoints and continue the process. See your debuggers man page for more information on useful commands to run.