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 Port firefox to ios6 device


  xcode 4.6.3 (   IOS6.1 sdk )  (device test without license  )

2.Get source code

  git clone  git://

3.For simulator 

   chmod -R a+x /Icefox/mozilla-central
   cd /Icefox/mozilla-central
   cp ./mozconfig-simulator-opt-sdk6.1 .mozconfig
   ./mach build
   cd ../obj-iPhoneSimulator-opt-6.1
   make package
   waxsim  /Applications/

4.For  device (need sign,use sign-debug)

   chmod -R a+x /Icefox/mozilla-central
   cd /Icefox/mozilla-central
   cp ./mozconfig-device-opt-sdk6.1 .mozconfig
   ./mach build
   cd ../obj-iPhoneOS-opt-6.1
   make package
   gdb  /Applications/
   gdb run

5. Todo

    support IOS 7.0  device

6. Contact me