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Xabber Server wiki

Welcome to Xabber Server

Welcome to Xabber Server is an advanced XMPP server created to make federated messages easily accessible by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Main features of Xabber Server:

  • Easy deployment
  • User friendly server management
  • Built in Xabber for Web instance
  • High performance

Xabber Server features many improvements over regular XMPP implementations:

  • Token support for session management, clients no longer need to store passwords
  • Fast Client synchronization protocol, with support for audio and video calls
  • New improved group chats
  • Message retraction
  • Server-side search support


There are two types of installation available for Xabber Server:

  1. Quick Installation — for a very quick installation on fresh GNU/Linux servers. Quick Installation requires some DNS records to be pre-configured prior to installation.
  2. Advanced Installation — This installation type is for users who know their way around Linux system. You'll be able to manually choose installation path, set up database, etc.

For a rare necessity to remove Xabber Server from a system, Deinstallation instruction is also available.


Management instructions — basic commands to run/stop/restart the server.