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Red Team Hosted Infrastructure


This project houses reference deployment recipies that can be used to build Red Team Infrastructure. As such, there are no security guarantees or promises. Use at your own risk.

This infrastructure was discussed at CanSecWest 2019 and the slides can be found here




View external/cloudProvider for setup instructions

What What? In The Puppet

See puppet/ for information on puppet modules

Rebasing Op repos


  1. Add original repo as remote
git remote add infra


This can probably be abbreviated, this is what I do.

  1. Observe curent state

    $ git show -s --pretty=short infra/master
    commit 52d09519a84bf4cca3af80287958e506627d755f (infra/master)
    Author: ctimzen <>
    $ git show -s --pretty=short master
    commit a2a80ce163ecd131ee2b34293acec83a5aed4153 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
    Author: Michael Leibowitz <>
  2. Find the common ancestor

    $ git merge-base master infra/master
  3. Checkout your "feature" branch

    This is counter-intuitive, but master is you feature branch. We'll make a branch and then, since it will be branched from HEAD, will be our feature branch

    git checkout -b feature
  4. Switch back to master and reset back to common ancenstor

    git checkout master
    git reset --hard <commit given in merge-base>
  5. Pull infra master

    git pull infra master
  6. checkout and rebase feature

    git checkout feature
    git rebase master
  7. merge feature to master

    git checkout master
    git merge feature
    git branch -d feature
  8. Push for victory

    git push --force origin master
    git push --force homebase-opname:/var/lib/git/infra