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Plugin to supply vendor libraries, in place of CDN
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redux-vendor-support.php Vendor support Jul 8, 2015

Redux Vendor Support

This plugin (or extension) acts as a backup and/or replacement for the CDN based files for Select2 and ACE Editor used within Redux Framework.

Usage Instructions

First, set use_cdn => false in your config if you want this to be permamently used, but if not it will only be used when the CDN fails.

Installation as a Plugin

Take this entire repo and load it as an extension. The CDN files will now be served locally.

Installation as an Extension

Take the ~/vendor_support folder and load it as an extension for your version of Redux.

Redux::setExtensions( 'OPT_NAME', 'PATH_TO_vendor_support'  );

Reducing the Plugin/Extensions Size

If you wish to reduce the size of this plugin/extension, you may decide to remove folders within ~/vendor_support/vendor/ according to your needs. It is strongly suggested that you leave the Select2 folder, as so many different fields heavily use this code.

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