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@markerikson markerikson released this 04 Oct 22:01
· 602 commits to master since this release

This bugfix release rewrites the RTKQ hook TS types to significantly improve TS perf.



A number of users had reported that Intellisense for RTKQ API objects was extremely slow (multiple seconds) - see discussion in #3214 . We did some perf investigation on user-provided examples, and concluded that the biggest factor to slow RTKQ TS perf was the calculation of hook names like useGetPokemonQuery, which was generating a large TS union of types.

We've rewritten that hook names type calculation to use mapped types and a couple of intersections. In a specific user-provided stress test repo, it dropped TS calculation time by 60% (2600ms to 1000ms).

There's more potential work we can do to improve things, but this seems like a major perf improvement worth shipping now.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v1.9.6...v1.9.7