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Refinery CMS Authentication Extension for Devise Build Status

This extension allows you to use Devise with Refinery CMS 4.0 and later.


Simply put this in the Gemfile of your Refinery application:

gem 'refinerycms-authentication-devise', '~> 2.0.0'

Then run bundle install to install it.


If you're moving from a pre-3.0 release of Refinery, you lost authentication when it moved out of RefineryCMS core. After installing this gem, follow these steps to migrate old user data and re-enable authentication.

Generate and run migrations

rails g refinery:authentication:devise  # Generate migrations
rake db:migrate                         # Run migrations

Set up your new initializer

You might have old data in initializers/refinery/authentication.rb. The new initializer is located in initializers/refinery/authentication/devise.rb.

Make sure devise.rb is configured correctly, then delete authentication.rb.

Then restart your server.


Please see the file for instructions.