Job Posting and Job Applications for Refinery CMS 2.x and 3.x
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Refinery CMS Jobs

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Jobs engine for Refinery CMS allows you to post vacancies to the jobs section of your website.

In summary you can:

  • Manage jobs
  • Collect job applications
  • Customise an auto responder email that is sent to the person making the job application
  • Specify who is notified when a new job application comes in

When job applications come in, you and the candidate are generally notified. As we implemented spam filtering through the filters_spam plugin you will not get notified if an inquiry is marked as 'spam' (can be disable by config in jobs initializer).


This version of refinerycms-jobs supports Refinery 3.x and Rails 4.1+. To use Rails 3.x / Refinery 2.0.x use the refinerycms-jobs "Refinery CMS 2-0 stable branch".

  • Refinery CMS version 3.0.0 or above.
  • Paperclip has been removed in favor of using Refinery Resources dragonfly app
  • Refinery-Resources
  • Refinery-Settings


Open up your Gemfile and add at the bottom this line:

gem 'refinerycms-jobs', git: '', branch: 'master'

Now, run bundle install

Next, to install the jobs plugin run:

rails generate refinery:jobs

Run database migrations:

rake db:migrate

Finally seed your database and you're done.

rake db:seed

Developing & Contributing

The version of Refinery to develop this engine against is defined in the gemspec. To override the version of refinery to develop against, edit the project Gemfile to point to a local path containing a clone of refinerycms.


Generate the dummy application to test against

$ bundle exec rake refinery:testing:dummy_app

Run the test suite with Guard

$ bundle exec guard start

Or just with rake spec

$ bundle exec rake spec

More Information

  • Check out our Website
  • Documentation is available in the guides
  • Questions can be asked on our Google Group
  • Questions can also be asked in our IRC room, #refinerycms on freenode