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Regen Ledger Testnets
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Regen Ledger Testnets

Testnets for Regen Ledger

Join algradigon-1 Incentivised Testnet

algradigon-1 is the second phase of the Regen Network Incentivised testnet programme. It is due to have it's genesis block set in stone on Thursday January 23rd at 1700 UTC (1200EST and 0900PST; 24/01 at 0200KST). Future upgrades will be staggered so all validators get 'good' upgrade windows and 'bad' upgrade windows!

We will have a working fork of Lunie at and a fork of Big Dipper at at

The genesis files are in ./latest. This is an incentivised testnet, and further details can be found on the Regen blog: algradigon regens testnet

Gentx submissions must be included in a PR to this repo by 22nd Jan at 1200UTC. The genesis file will be released by 1800UTC on 22nd Jan - 23 hours before genesis.

For those wanting to develop against the Regen test network APIs, please use the following highly available service provided by Chorus One:

Creating a Genesis Validator

This section applies ONLY if you are wishing to validate from the genesis block. This process will close at 1200UTC on 22nd January 2020

Generate Genesis Transaction (optional)

$ curl -s > ~/.xrnd/config/genesis.json
$ xrnd add-genesis-account $(xrncli keys show <your_wallet_name> -a) 10000000utree   # other values will be removed.
$ xrnd gentx --name <your_wallet_name> --amount 9000000utree

If all goes well, you will see the following message:

Genesis transaction written to "/home/user/.xrnd/config/gentx/gentx-f8038a89034kl987ebd493b85a125624d5f4770.json"

Submit Gentx (optional)

Submit your gentx in a PR here

  • Clone the repo using
git clone

How to Run a Testnet Validator

Please refer to the Cosmos Hub documentation on validators for a general overview of running a validator. We are using the exact same validator model and software, but with slightly different parameters and other functionality specific to Regen Network.


$ sudo apt-get install gcc g++

Install GO

$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./ -v 1.12.5

Go 1.12+ is required.

Install XRN

$ mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git clone -b v0.5.0
$ cd regen-ledger
$ make install

Find the latest release tags here. To verify if installation was successful:

$ xrnd version --long
$ xrncli version --long

Setting Up a New Node

$ xrnd init --chain-id=algradigon-1 <your_moniker>
$ xrncli keys add <your_wallet_name>


Make sure you back up the mnemonics !!!

Creating a Validator

If you are joining at genesis scroll down to the section on Creating a Genesis Validator!

Please follow the documentation provided on creating a validator for Cosmos hub, replacing gaiad and gaiacli with xrnd and xrncli respectively. Also our testnet staking token denomination is tree and Regen addresses begin with xrn: instead of cosmos.

Genesis & Seeds

Fetch genesis.json into xrnd's config directory.

$ curl > $HOME/.xrnd/config/genesis.json

Add seed nodes in config.toml.

$ nano $HOME/.xrnd/config/config.toml

Find the following section and add the seed nodes.

# Comma separated list of seed nodes to connect to
seeds = ","

Make xrnd a System Service (optional)

$ sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/xrnd.service

Paste in the following:

Description=Regen Xrnd

ExecStart=/home/<your_user>/go_workspace/bin/xrnd start


This tutorial assumes $HOME/go_workspace to be your Go workspace. Your actual workspace directory may vary.

Start Node

Method 1 - With systemd

$ sudo systemctl enable xrnd
$ sudo systemctl start xrnd

Check node status

$ xrncli status

Check logs

$ sudo journalctl -u xrnd -f

Method 2 - Without systemd

$ xrnd start

Check node status

$ xrncli status

Historic Testnets (not in use)

The testnets listed below are no longer active but are retained here for posterity. Do not waste your time trying to join them :)


congo-1 was the first community-driven testnet between 7th November 2019 and 17th January 2020, at which point it was abandoned in order to prepare for the next incentivised testnet.


regen-test-1001 ran between August and October 2019. It is now defunct, having discovered a cosmos-sdk bug in governance-driven parameter updates logic.


regen-test-1000 hit some weird consensus error on app state at block 2.


Testnet xrn-test-3 started producing blocks at 2019-03-29T19:44:44.571815638Z and is now defunct.

xrncli can be configured to connect to the testnet as follows:

xrncli init --chain-id xrn-test-2 --node tcp://


Deployed at 2018-12-19T20:40:06.463846Z.


The initial Regen Ledger testnet xrn-1 was deployed on 2018-12-19.

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