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Regen Ledger Testnets

Testnets for Regen Ledger

Active Testnets


regen-redwood-1 is an active testnet for the community. It generally runs the same software as mainnet and useful for testing third-party integrations. Also it will be used as a platform for testing mainnet upgrades.

Here are the instructions to run a validator for regen-redwood-1:

  1. Stop your existing regen validator (if any)
sudo service regen stop
  1. Run the latest setup script
git clone
cd testnets
git pull

chmod +x scripts/
./scripts/ <your_key_name> <your_validator_moniker_name>

You can find the genesis file and all the relevant information in redwood-testnet directory

To get tokens from the faucet use the following curl command

curl http://<faucet-url>/faucet/<your-regen-address>

Regen Devnets



regen-devnet-5 is active now and here are some important details:

Persistent Peer: b2679a74d6bd9f89a3c294c447d6930293255e6b@

Here are the instructions to run a validator for regen-devnet-5:

  1. Stop your existing regen validator (if any)
sudo service regen stop
  1. Run the latest setup script
git clone
cd testnets
git pull

chmod +x scripts/
./scripts/ <your_key_name> <your_validator_moniker_name>

Historic Testnets (not in use)

The testnets listed below are no longer active but are retained here for posterity. Do not waste your time trying to join them :)

Regen Network Testnet 4000: Aplikiĝo Testnet

Focus: Application specific testing and simulation of ecosystem service credit creation and trading with production ready MVP blockchain.

*Estimated Dates: Feb 8th — March 15th 2021

Minimum points to be allocated: 1800 $REGEN staking token rewards: 500,000

Aplikigo-1 Testnet is scheduled to start on 8th Feb, 2021. More details here

Blog Post:

Testnet Plan: Aplikigo-1 Testnet Plan


2. Bigbang Stargate testnet

We are also supporting the BigBang-1 Stargate testnet

Regen Network Testnet 3000: COSMWASM Kontraŭa Testnet

Focus: Adversarial testnet and network load testing with Regen Ledger running CosmWASM. This testnet may also morph into a Game of Zones testnet, as we are sensitive to the larger community opportunity.

  • Testnet schedule: 13th March - 24th Apr, 2020 (6 weeks)
  • Total points to be allocated: 1100+
  • Gentx submissions: 9th March 1500UTC (start date) - 12th March 0900 UTC (end date)
  • Genesis release time: 12th March, 1600UTC (23 hours before genesis time)
  • Network start time: 13th March, 1500UTC

Click here to join the testnet


Algradigon-1, an incentivized testnet was launched on 23rd Jan at 17:00UTC with 38 validators signing on the genesis block. The validator set was increased to a total of 49 validators and total of 4 upgrades were executed in a span of two weeks by 7th Feb.

Total points allocated: 900

Note The incentive program for the testnet was ended on 12th Feb 2020 at 12:00UTC

Important links


congo-1 was the first community-driven testnet between 7th November 2019 and 17th January 2020, at which point it was abandoned in order to prepare for the next incentivised testnet.


regen-test-1001 ran between August and October 2019. It is now defunct, having discovered a cosmos-sdk bug in governance-driven parameter updates logic.


regen-test-1000 hit some weird consensus error on app state at block 2.


Testnet xrn-test-3 started producing blocks at 2019-03-29T19:44:44.571815638Z and is now defunct.

xrncli can be configured to connect to the testnet as follows:

xrncli init --chain-id xrn-test-2 --node tcp://


Deployed at 2018-12-19T20:40:06.463846Z.


The initial Regen Ledger testnet xrn-1 was deployed on 2018-12-19.

KYC Utils

Generate Validator Keys

Linking a validator address to your identity is how we ensure the right validator is rewarded for the hard work of participating in our incentivized testnets. Please back up your keys and maintain the same keys thorughout testnet operations if possible. If you have a key management issue, please use the same Moniker in generation of new keys and notify the team.

The same validator keys can be used for different testnets, and even for main net (as long as you practice good key management).

Handy Script

Here are instructions for generating keys for regen ledger. This is well-tested on Ubuntu 18.04, if you are using different arch and running into issues, please use manual key generation instructions below

git clone
cd testnets
git pull

chmod +x scripts/
./scripts/ <your_key_name>

Generate regen keys manually

Step-1: Install Go 1.15.x (Optional)

  $ sudo apt update
  $ sudo apt install build-essential jq -y

  $ wget
  $ tar -xvf go1.15.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz
  $ sudo mv go /usr/local

  $ echo "" >> ~/.bashrc
  $ echo 'export GOPATH=$HOME/go' >> ~/.bashrc
  $ echo 'export GOROOT=/usr/local/go' >> ~/.bashrc
  $ echo 'export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
  $ echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$GOBIN' >> ~/.bashrc

  $ source ~/.bashrc
  $ go version # should print 1.15.2

Step-2: Install Regen (from source)

$ git clone
$ cd regen-ledger
$ git checkout v0.6.0-alpha6
$ make install

Step-3: Create your key (keyname can be anything):

$ regen keys add <your_key_name>

Use the address generated from above command to fill your KYC


Regen Ledger Testnets






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