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Snippets for sublime support REI Cedar markup


  1. Install Package Control for Sublime Text.

  2. Open the command palette

  • OSX: + Shift + P
  • Win,Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P
  1. Find Package Control: Add Repository in the command palette and select it.

  2. Copy/paste the URL of this repository ( into the input at the bottom of the window and hit enter.

  3. Open the command palette again and find Package Control: Install Package and select it.

  4. Find the package named rei-cedar-sublime-snippets and select it.

  5. After the package installs, restart Sublime Text.

Documentation and usage

Documentation with code examples and the snippet shortcut string can be found here. Names map almost directly to what is used on the patterns site if you need to refer to usage or notes about the markup.

Completion can be fuzzy typed once auto complete is opened with Ctrl + Space

Example: Inline list with feature links (list-inline-feature-link) -- you don't need to type out that long name to get it.

  1. Type li
  2. Press Ctrl + Space to bring up auto complete for matching snippet names that begin with li.
  3. Keep typing other parts of the name such as: in for inline or fea for feature.
  4. If you see it in the list you can use the arrow keys to select it or keep typing until you get down to just the one.
  5. Press Enter to trigger the snippet expansion.


If there are updates, they will be automatically applied at startup.

If you need to manually update, you can do so by opening the command palette and selecting Package Control: Upgrade Package then select the package if there is an update available.


Snippets for sublime support REI Cedar markup




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