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@@ -130,9 +130,8 @@ Janus ships with a number of basic customizations for vim:
* `<Leader>tr` expands to `:te {directory of current file}/` (open in a
new MacVIM tab)
* `<C-P>` inserts the directory of the current file into a command
-* Automatic insertion of closing quotes, parenthesis, and braces
-## "Project Drawer" aka NERDTree
+## "Project Drawer" aka [NERDTree](
NERDTree is a file explorer plugin that provides "project drawer"
functionality to your vim projects. You can learn more about it with
@@ -153,22 +152,23 @@ NERDTree:
* In general, assume that there is a single NERDTree buffer on the left
and one or more editing buffers on the right
-## Ack.vim
+## [Ack.vim](
Ack.vim uses ack to search inside the current directory for a pattern.
You can learn more about it with :help Ack
**Customizations**: Janus rebinds command-shift-f (`<D-F>`) to bring up
`:Ack `.
-## Align
+## [Align](
Align lets you align statements on their equal signs, make comment
boxes, align comments, align declarations, etc.
* `:5,10Align =>` to align lines 5-10 on `=>`'s
-## Command-T
+## [Command-T](
Command-T provides a mechanism for searching for a file inside the
current working directory. It behaves similarly to command-t in
@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ Textmate.
**Customizations**: Janus rebinds command-t (`<D-t>`) to bring up this
plugin. It defaults to `<Leader>t`.
-## ConqueTerm
+## [ConqueTerm](
ConqueTerm embeds a basic terminal inside a vim buffer. The terminal has
an insert mode in which you can type commands, tab complete and use the
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ other vim commands on the buffer, like yank and paste.
**Note**: To get colors working, you might have to `export TERM=xterm`
and use `ls -G` or `gls --color`
-## indent\_object
+## [indent\_object](
Indent object creates a "text object" that is relative to the current
ident. Text objects work inside of visual mode, and with `c` (change),
@@ -200,30 +200,31 @@ normal mode, and type `v ii`. Then repeat `ii`.
**Note**: indent\_object seems a bit busted. It would also be nice if
there was a text object for Ruby `class` and `def` blocks.
-## surround
+## [surround](
Surround allows you to modify "surroundings" around the current text.
For instance, if the cursor was inside `"foo bar"`, you could type
`cs"'` to convert the text to `'foo bar'`.
There's a lot more; check it out at `:help surround`
-## NERDCommenter
+## [NERDCommenter](
NERDCommenter allows you to wrangle your code comments, regardless of
filetype. View `:help NERDCommenter` for all the details.
**Customizations**: Janus binds command-/ (`<D-/>`) to toggle comments.
-## SuperTab
+## [SuperTab](
In insert mode, start typing something and hit `<TAB>` to tab-complete
based on the current context.
## ctags
-Janus includes the TagList plugin, which binds `:Tlist` to an overview
-panel that lists all ctags for easy navigation.
+Janus includes the [TagList](
+plugin, which binds `:Tlist` to an overview panel that lists all ctags
+for easy navigation.
**Customizations**: Janus binds `<Leader>rt` to the ctags command to
update tags.
@@ -236,7 +237,7 @@ ctag support. Tag navigation creates a stack which can traversed via
`Ctrl-]` (to find the source of a token) and `Ctrl-T` (to jump back up
one level).
-## Git Support (Fugitive)
+## Git Support ([Fugitive](
Fugitive adds pervasive git support to git directories in vim. For more
information, use `:help fugitive`
@@ -248,32 +249,21 @@ hunks in the file.
Use `:Gdiff` on an open file to see what changes have been made to that
-## Gist-vim
+## [Gist-vim](
Nice [gist integration]( by mattn.
Requires exporting your `GITHUB_TOKEN` and `GITHUB_USER` as environment
variables or setup your [GitHub token config](
Try `:Gist`, `:Gist -p` and visual blocks.
-## ZoomWin
+## [ZoomWin](
When working with split windows, ZoomWin lets you zoom into a window and
out again using `Ctrl-W o`
**Customizations**: Janus binds `<Leader><Leader>` to `:ZoomWin`
-## Hammer
-Hammer takes the current buffer, tries to convert it to HTML, and opens
-it in your default browser. Hammer is enabled for Markdown files, but
-has support for much more.
-**Customizations**: Janus binds `<Leader>p` to this plugin.
-**Tip**: Check out [Hammer's README](
-to see the requirements for previewing other file formats.
## Additional Syntaxes
Janus ships with a few additional syntaxes:

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