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A Python script to launch an N-node Riak cluster
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NOTE: this uses a woefully out of date Riak installation, and is just sticking around on github for posterirty at the moment

Riak EC2 Cluster Launcher

Dependencies is a simple Python script to launch an N-node Riak cluster. The requirements can be installed with:

sudo pip install fabric paramiko boto

To run the command you will also need an EC2 account, and your environment variables set as described here.


# key_filename is the name of an EC2 Key Pair
# key_filepath is the full path to the private key
# for the key in key_filepath
# The key will be used to ssh into the master node,
# and wait for Riak to be running
./ key_filename key_filepath 100


Each machine will download Riak application configuration from an s3 bucket that I personally own. If you really wanted to be secure, you would copy this config to a server that you control, or just use sed or something and edit the app defaults from

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