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simplistic presentation generator

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Ease: lagom create and you have created a folder with a presentation in it.

Simplicity: one <section>, one slide.

Maintainable: lagom server boots up your presentation in the browser. it comes with livereloading for easy edits.

Magic: lagom deploy will inline all the content of the presentation into one single file, deploy it freely and anonymously on github and finally generate a short url.


  • 0 online dependencies: no more OMG!! moments because of bad wifi
  • live-reloading server
  • Presentation mode: just press p to initiate presentation mode
  • Speaker notes
  • Synced Aspect ratio
  • Synced mouse pointer
  • Mirrored highlighting

install lagom

yarn global add lagom # much faster
# or
npm install lagom -g --production


$ lagom
lagom create              create a new presentation
lagom server              start live-reloading server
lagom deploy <filename>   deploy presentation to a gist
lagom help                show this help

example presentations

These is a list of example presentations, please PR this readme if you'd like to add presentation you created.


  • tests (!)
  • iterate on the scss backend