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DeviceIdentifier API C# / .NET library

Utils to manipulate and learn from assorted device identifier formats via Reincubate's DeviceIdentifier API.

Technical documentation is available on Reincubate's site.

Getting started

Try these:

$ nuget install deviceidentifier

Access is authenticated using an authentication token. This must be passed into API calls as the token parameter.

Requesting an access token

Authentication to ricloud is performed using a token provided by Reincubate, which can be obtained by contacting


Enhancing metadata

using Reincubate.DeviceIdentifier;

var token = "api-authentication-token";

var identifiers = new Identifiers(
  _apple_model: "PC605B",
  _apple_serial: "5K35426NDZZ",
  _apple_identifier: "iPhone5,3",
  _gsma_imei: "352023069365968",
  _gsma_iccid: "8964380812102311146"

Response response = Api.EnhanceMetadata(
  token, identifiers

Console.WriteLine( response.identifiers.apple_model.region );
Ireland, UK, or replacement unit

Identifying an identifier

using Reincubate.DeviceIdentifier;

var token = "api-authentication-token";

IList<String> types = Api.IdentifyIdentifier(
  token, "5K35426NDZZ"

Console.WriteLine( types.First() );

API client implementations

Check out the Open Source libraries for working with the API:


See the support & service status page.

Need more functionality?

Reincubate's vision is to provide data access, extraction and recovery technology for all app platforms - be they mobile, desktop, web, appliance or in-vehicle.

The company was founded in 2008 and was first to market with both iOS and iCloud data extraction technology. With over half a decade's experience helping law enforcement and security organisations access iOS data, Reincubate has licensed software to government, child protection and corporate clients around the world.

The company can help users with:

  • iCloud access and data recovery
  • Recovery of data deleted from SQLite databases
  • Bulk iOS data recovery
  • Forensic examination of iOS data
  • Passcode, password, keybag and keychain analysis
  • Custom iOS app data extraction
  • Advanced PList, TypedStream and Mbdb manipulation

Contact Reincubate for more information.

Terms & license

See the LICENSE file for details on this implementation's license. Users must not use the API in any way that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful; or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.


Utils to manipulate and learn from assorted device identifier formats via Reincubate's API.





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