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Download CloudTrax Usage Data

The Open-Mesh access point manager provides usage data for access points in a network.

There is, however, now way to find historical data -- only the last 24 hours is provided. To allow for the archiving of data, the archive-usage-data.php script will scrape this data out of and dump it into a tab-delimited ASCII file where you can then manipulate it further.


  • PHP 5.x (with DOM module)
  • cURL


Paste your login information and network name into the script, and set the file where you would like log output, then:

php archive-usage-data.php

Download CloudTrax Graphs

The Open-Mesh access point manager provides graphs of bandwidth usage and active users.

To include these graphs in other websites requires an automated process to download them, which is what the script download-graphs.php will do.


  • PHP 5.x
  • cURL


Paste your login information and network name into the script, and set the directory where you would like graphs output, then:

php download-graphs.php

Generate CloudTrax Vouchers

The Open-Mesh access point manager has two mechanisms for generating vouchers.

The regular mechanism, accessed through the administrative interface, allows for the bulk-generation of random vouchers.

The lobby assistant mode allows for manual generation of vouchers.

Because we had a list of 50 staff that we wanted to create non-random vouchers for, we developed an alternative method that uses a PHP script to programmatically create vouchers from the command line using the "lobby assistant" mechanism.


  • PHP 5.x
  • cURL


Create comma-delimited ASCII file with five columns:

  • name - full name of user
  • class - class name or role of user ("Grade 1", etc.)
  • access - "Yes" or "No" as to whether user gets wifi access voucher.
  • random - a random number; we use 100-999, but you can choose whatever you like.
  • voucher - the voucher code assigned to the user; we concatenate last name + random number

The resulting file looks something like this:

Harry Vlenson,8B,Yes,236,vlenson236
Fred Wiley,9A,Yes,281,wiley281
Sven Boshane,5B,Yes,778,boshane778

Place the file, called users.csv, into the same directory as this script, and then:

php generate-cloudtrax-vouchers.php

The result should be, when you login to your voucher page, new vouchers created for every user.