A Drupal module for Thinglink.com.
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Drupal Thinglink module

Copyright 2010 by Peter Rukavina.

Licensed under GNU Public License.

What is this?

Thinglink.com is a web service that allows regions in images to be "tagged" in a manner similar to that you may be used to from Flickr's "Add Notes" feature.

The Thinglink API supports embedding of an "in-place tagging tool on third- party websites that allows images to be tagged without the need to visit the Thinglink.com site."

This Drupal module enables this process for a Drupal site: once installed and configured, the module automatically adds the necessary Thinglink JavaScript to every image on your Drupal site, allowing you to add tags, share the image, and obtain an image embed code directly on your site.

How to Install

You should now find all images on your site automatically have the Thinglink tagging tool enabled: just hover over an image and you should see the Thinglink toolbar in the top-left corner.