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This package defines functions that turns simple strings to ansi strings. Turning a string into an ansi string can be to add color to a text, add color in the background of a text or adding a style, such as bold, underscore or italic.


Add ansi to your Cask file:

(depends-on "ansi")


All colors, background colors and styles can be accessed via a function with the ansi- prefix. For example:

;; Color text
(ansi-red "foo")
(ansi-blue "bar")

;; Color background
(ansi-on-red "foo")
(ansi-on-blue "bar")

;; Add style
(ansi-bold "foo")
(ansi-blink "bar")

It can become quite cumbersome to use those function names if the coloring is a little bit more advanced. To simplify this, there's a DSL, which makes this much more pleasant. If within a with-ansi block, the ansi- prefix is not necessary anymore. This is the same as the above.

;; Color text
 (red "foo")
 (blue "bar"))

;; Color background
 (on-red "foo")
 (on-blue "bar"))

;; Add style
 (bold "foo")
 (blink "bar"))

You can also use ansi-apply if you only have the name of the color:

(ansi-apply 'red "foo %s" "bar")


Ansi supports CSI codes, for example moving the cursor:

(ansi-down 3)
(ansi-csi-apply 'forward)
(ansi-csi-apply "J" 10)


Lets say you want to make a text bold, red and blinking. You can do this with nesting.

;; Without DSL
 (ansi-red (ansi-blink "foo bar")))

;; Using DSL
 (bold (red (blink "foo bar"))))