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A flexible managing system for machine learning models. Available on Kubernetes.

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  1. rekcurd-python rekcurd-python Public

    Project for serving ML module. This is a gRPC micro-framework.

    Python 47 2

  2. dashboard dashboard Public

    Project for managing ML model and deploying ML module. It can deploy the Rekcurd service to Kubernetes cluster.

    TypeScript 27 5

  3. community community Public

    README for Rekcurd projects

    Shell 16

  4. python-client python-client Public

    Project for integrating ML module. It can connect the Rekcurd service on Kubernetes.

    Python 7

  5. grpc-proto grpc-proto Public

    Python 5

  6. airflow-plugin airflow-plugin Public

    Airflow Plugins to access to Rekcurd Dashboard

    Python 4 3


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