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A patch to gitweb that uses Apache basic auth in tandem with gitosis.conf to provide user/project level access control
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James N. Sears

gitweb_auth is a patch for gitweb that, in conjunction with Apache basic auth
provides user/project-level access control based on the writable permissions
set in gitosis.conf.

At the moment, only the writable parameter in gitosis.conf is used and there is 
no mechanism in place to allow for a globally readable repository, or a repository
that can be read by a gitweb user but not written by a gitosis user, but this
functionality can be easily added.

Get a basic gitweb installation working, with Apache basic auth configured.  I 
found this howto to be very clear and helpful in configuring my installation:

Once you have gitweb running behind Apache basic auth, simply replace gitweb.cgi
with this version (or patch your existing version), and add the following parameter
to your gitweb.conf file (usually found at /etc/gitweb.conf):

  # path to active gitosis.conf 
  $gitosis_conf = "/var/git/repositories/gitosis-admin.git/gitosis.conf";

obviously replacing that path with the actual path to your gitosis.conf.

Any users who are members of a group with 'writable' assigned to a particular 
repository will be granted access, otherwise they are denied.

=== HOW IT WORKS ===
Very simply.  I looked for every place where the existing $export_ok variable was
being used to check repository permissions and added a call to a new subroutine 
called has_permissions.  This subroutine performs a rudimentary parse of 
gitosis.conf.  If it finds a group that matches both the user and project, it
returns 1, otherwise it returns 0.

I also added into the HTML generation a div with id 'user_info' in the page header
that prints the text 'Welcome, $username'.  This is created by the subroutine 
user_info and can be easily customized to your liking.


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