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Remove box-model rule.

Most projects should not have to support IE6. The unfortunate ones should reenable the rule in the local file.
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commit 90e1fd26495aeba2886b96d336635539f0da60c3 1 parent b06d59a
@kasperg kasperg authored
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@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ csslint.repository.revision = v0.8.5
# The csslint rules to use
# The current selection is based on discussion here:
-csslint.rules = box-model,display-property-grouping,duplicate-properties,empty-rules,known-properties,box-sizing,compatible-vendor-prefixes,gradients,vendor-prefix,import,zero-units,shorthand,important
+csslint.rules = display-property-grouping,duplicate-properties,empty-rules,known-properties,box-sizing,compatible-vendor-prefixes,gradients,vendor-prefix,import,zero-units,shorthand,important
# The csslint rules which should cause the build to break if detected
csslint.rules.break = parsing-errors
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