📓 How to build universal web apps with React.
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remarkablemark Update README with 8th lesson on refactoring from ES5 to ES6
The eighth lesson goes over how to refactor the React app from
ES5 to ES6.

Update babel-register (server) and babel-loader (webpack) to use
`babel-preset-es2015` to compile ES6 to ES5.

Refactor <Layout> to a class component and <Index> and <About>
to stateless functional components.

- Title: Refactor a React app from ES5 to ES6
- Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD8Z3hw_M_o
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Universal React Tutorial

A tutorial on building universal web applications.

The web application is built with:


$ git clone https://github.com/remarkablemark/universal-react-tutorial.git
$ cd universal-react-tutorial


1. Server-side rendering with React:

$ git checkout v1
$ npm install
$ npm start

2. Building a universal/isomorphic app with React:

$ git checkout v2
$ npm install
$ npm start

3. Passing props in a universal React web app:

$ git checkout v3
$ npm install
$ npm start

4. Server-side routing with react-router@3:

$ git checkout v4
$ npm install
$ npm start

5. Client-side routing with react-router@3 (Part 1):

$ git checkout v5
$ npm install
$ npm start

6. Client-side routing with react-router@3 (Part 2):

$ git checkout v6
$ npm install
$ npm start

7. Universal rendering with React and Redux:

$ git checkout v7
$ npm install
$ npm start

8. Refactor a React app from ES5 to ES6:

$ git checkout v8
$ npm install
$ npm start