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CinC has been moved to contrib and split between 3 libraries: tools.analyzer, tools.analyzer.jvm and tools.emitter.jvm


CinC is an experimental Clojure analyzer and compiler implemented in pure Clojure.

It started off as an extension of Aaron Cohen's CinC project but it has been mostly rewritten.

As CinC is still a work-in-progress and it's rapidly iterating, expect the doc to be slightly out-of-sync with the current implementation. More extensive documentation will be written once CinC is stable enough.


CinC currently contains both an analyzer composed of multiple passes and an emitter.

Docs on how the compile process works are in compiler


The jvm analyzer (cinc.analyzer.jvm/analyze) returns an AST similar to the one returned by the clojurescript analyzer or by On top of the simple AST, multiple passes are run in order to transform/annotate the ast with information needed for the jvm bytecode emission.

The basic AST nodes are documented in analyzer while the passes are documented in passes.

Note that some passes remove or add new nodes to the AST.


The bytecode emitter (cinc.compiler.jvm.bytecode/eval) takes in an expression, gets the AST from its analysis and emits the corresponing bytecode.

How this process works is documented in emit

What's not working

There may still be a couple of issues around primitive boxing/unboxing.

invokePrim is also not yet implemented.


Copyright © Nicola Mometto, Rich Hickey & contributors.

Licensed under the EPL (see the file epl.html).