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Remote-Led Companies

This is a list of companies that employ remote leaders along with data about how far away from an office they are allowed to work.


Two metrics for gauging the efficacy of a remote work environment are:

  • Do leaders (at least some of them) usually work from home? Having leaders who primarily work at home is a good indicator the remote work environment will be inclusive and that effective communication between leadership and remote workers is transpiring.

  • Are leaders required to work near a physical office? This is a good indicator of the level of company commitment to distributed teams as well as chances of promotion. A remote job is great but not being able to advance unless you move across the country really makes it just a job; some people would prefer to have a remote career.

There are plenty of other metrics we could use, but after fifteen years of working remote I feel everything else can be seen as falling out of these two culture-level metrics. If you have the right culture all the other bits are implementation details that can be reasonably expected to change to better serve that culture.

Why Leaders?

My experience has been if the culture supports off-site leaders there is a genuine remote-first culture with transparent group communication. If leaders must be colocated then significant discussions happen in face-to-face meetings, over lunch and after work from which remote employees are always excluded. A lack of remote leadership can also be an indicator that senior leadership is just tolerating remote and given a chance would shut it all down.

Proximity Key

Code Definition Description
C C-Suite
D Director
M Manager
* anywhere adequate Internet connection
mh medium haul ~3000-mile flight range
na north america North America only
do domestic same country as an office
tz time zone within (a) certain time zone(s)
dd driving distance few hours drive of an office
ma metro area same metro area as an office

Use do if roles are definitely remote but no proximity information is available.


Company | Headquarters | Other Offices? | Proximity
RemoteCo | San Francisco | Yes | M* Ddd

Company is the company name. Headquarters is the location of the company headquarters--or None. Other Offices? is meant to be Yes/No rather than a list of the other offices.

Generally we assume that all levels underneath a given level are at least as permissive with regards to Proximity, so if a company’s VPs (and below) can work from anywhere but C-Suite has to stay within driving distance its proximity would be V* Cdd. If a company only allows managers and directors to work remote and they have to live in the same country as an office its proximity would be Ddo. A fully remote company with no co-location requirements for any role—perhaps no physical offices at all—would have a proximity of C*. Multiple codes may be used for expressiveness—a company that allows managers to work remote in the Pacific time zone of the US only would have a proximity of Mtzdo.

Proximity describes the most permissive case, so if there is only one org within an large company that allows its managers and directors to work from anywhere the whole company still has a proximity of D*. However, an individual being allowed to work remote in a role that otherwise would not be remote—a VP who tried to quit to move to France so they let her work remote, say—does not count. If a company definitely has remote managers but no proximity information is known, use do—such a company would have a proximity of Mdo.


PRs that remove a company or “downgrade” one to a less permissive proximity (Ddo -> Dma, say) will be rejected unless they come from am employee of that company. This is to prevent folks from trying to modify a company’s status because they are unable to find a current supporting job listing.

The List

Company Headquarters Other Offices? Proximity
1Password Toronto No Mdo
Airbase San Francisco Yes Ddo
Auth0 Bellevue, WA Yes C*
Automattic San Francisco No D*
Axios Arlington, VA Yes Ddo
Basecamp Chicago No C*
BeenVerified NYC Yes V*
Canonical London Yes M*
Cinchapi Atlanta No Mdo
CircleCI San Francisco Yes Vdo
Citrine Informatics Redwood City, CA Yes Mdo
Clipboard Health San Francisco No Vdo
Close None No C*
ConvertKit Boise, ID No Mdo
DataStax Santa Clara, CA Yes Mdo
DockYard Boston No Ddo
Eager Labs None No M*
Elite HRV None No Cdo
Etsy NYC Yes M*
Fastly San Francisco Yes C*
GatsbyJS Berkeley, CA No Mdo
Ghost None No C*
GitHub San Francisco Yes Mdo
GitLab San Francisco No V*
Help Scout Boston Yes M*
Hotjar Malta No C*
InVision None No C*
Lesbians Who Tech None No Cdo
The Lifetime Value Company NYC Yes V*
Modern Tribe None No C*
Mozilla Mountain View, CA Yes VPdo
Olo NYC No Mdo NYC No C*
Plaid San Francisco Yes Dtz
ReCharge Payments Santa Monica, CA No Mna
Redox Madison, WI Yes C*
Sticker Mule None No C*
Stripe San Francisco No Mdo
Stuart Paris Yes Mtz
TaxJar None No C*
Theorem Los Angeles Yes Mdo
Thorn Washington, DC No Mdo
TravelJoy San Francisco No C*
Twitter San Francisco Yes Mdo
Wikimedia Foundation San Francisco Yes C*
Wirecutter NYC Yes Ddo
WorkOS None No Ctz
Zapier None No C*


A list of companies with remote leaders & proximity data




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