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insurlt: An offensive URL-lengthener service

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This is a webapp that creates redirects to user-supplied URLs, the same way the more common URL-shortener services do (,, Except it makes them very long, and full of obscenities.

It is written in C++, the obvious tool for the job.

This service used to exist as, however it looks like it has now been discontinued. Being such an important piece of the modern Internet, someone had to put it back online.

How to setup

You will need CMake, SQLite3, the fastcgi development kit, and a C++11 compiler like GCC >=4.6 or Clang >=2.9.

Simply configure your web server to point to the insurlt.fcgi binary. You will need to update the source to match your domain name and favorite insults.

Check it out (original French version) (English translation)