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This is my personal framework that I use for most of my websites. The goal is not to make a huge framework like Symfony, but to have something faster and easier to modify. Therefore, I'm not aiming to make people use my framework, but to allow them to check out the source code and use some of it for their own projects.


Here are some features that are supported:

  • easy multi website capabilities
  • simple overall architecture for better performance
  • simple MySQL interactions
  • simple routing
  • integrates the Twig template engine
  • MVC architecture
  • abstract authentication system
  • admin panel for all applications

The whole framework is highly inspired by Symfony, while staying a lot simpler and less powerful.

Some of the game-oriented features:

  • leaderboards support
  • automatic cache manifest

Live examples

As I designed this framework for my specific needs, I use it every day for my games, which you can find at


If you'd like to quickly try the framework, you will need to create several folders:

  • reports
  • cache
  • logs
  • config
  • apps

The apps folder will store your application-specific code. Each application will need a strict folder hierarchy.

For instance, if you wish to create a new application called MyWebsite, you could start with this folder hierarchy:

  • apps/
    • MyWebsite/
      • Controller/
        • MyWebsiteController.php
      • Data/
      • Routing/
        • MyWebsiteRouteur.php
      • Resource/
        • config/
          • config.ini
          • config-dev.ini
          • config-prod.ini
        • views/
      • MyWebsiteApplication.php

Once you have this file hierarchy, with empty classes, you can start your application by including the includes.php file, and use the init_app() function.

I would highly recommend that you carefully read the Application, Controller and Router classes to better understand how the whole system works.