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Creates a simple node based web server for a directory
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servedir is a simple Node web server for offline development and testing: running servedir from a directory will create a quick local web server. servedir is useful for developing scripts that require a standard web environment and can't use the file:// protocol.

The annotated source code is included in the docs/ folder.


Check out a working copy of the source code with Git, or install servedir via npm. The latter will also install servedir into the system's bin path.

$ git clone git://
$ npm install servedir -g


servedir [path] [port]

  • path - The location to serve files and directories from. Defaults to the current working directory.
  • port - The port number. Default to 8000.

If no port is given, it'll try to find the next free port from 8000 upwards.

Mocked router

To create a mock router, create a routes.json file in the current working directory, and servedir will respond with your data.

For example:

  "GET /foo/:id": {
    "id": "{{id}}",
    "title": "Awesome stuff"
  "POST /ok": {
    "success": true
  "POST /fail": {
    "success": true

Now requests to those URLs will respond with JSON for the mocked endpoints.


$ servedir
$ servedir 8001
$ servedir ~/Documents/example
$ servedir ~/Documents/example 8001


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