Lynxmotion SSC32/AL5x Robotic Arm Library
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Lynxmotion SSC32/AL5x Robotic Arm Library

This library allows you to drive Lynxmotion AL5 series robotic arms. It also allows you to drive a SSC32 board.

###SSC32 Features

  • Drive servos (all channels)
  • Read analog inputs
  • Read digital inputs
  • Drive digital outputs
  • Read/write SSC32 registers
  • Enumeration of connected SSC32 board for easier access

###AL5 Features

  • Support for AL5C arm (maybe also compatible with AL5A, AL5C or AL5D)
  • Multiple driving input : pulse width, angle, float (floating point 0.0 to 1.0)
  • Support for all robot arm axes : shoulder base, shoulder, elbow, wrist, wrist rotate and gripper

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