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;; Updatable properties in cached recipes
(require 'cl)
(require 'pp)
(el-get-register-method-alias :test :builtin)
(let ((debug-on-error t)
(el-get-default-process-sync t)
(el-get-verbose t)
(el-get-auto-update-cached-recipes t)
`((:name a
:type test
:compile "."
:features a
:build (("sh" "-c"
,(format "echo %s > a.el"
'((provide 'a))
:prepare (message "Preparing A")
:post-init (message "Post-init A")
:lazy nil)))
'(:name a
:before (message "Before A")
:after (message "After A")
:features nil
:load "a.el"
:library "a"
;; This should not cause an error because it matches the
;; cached value.
:prepare (message "Preparing A")
:lazy t))
'(:name a
:type test
:lazy nil
:before (message "Before A2")
:after (progn (setq second-update-succeeded t)
(message "After A2"))))
'(:name a
:type test
:features a
;; Not allowed to update this
:post-init (message "New post-init A"))))
;; Install A
(el-get 'sync 'a)
(require 'a)
(assert (featurep 'a) nil
"Package A should be installed and loaded")
(el-get-merge-properties-into-status update-source)
(assert (plist-get (el-get-read-package-status-recipe 'a) :lazy) nil
"New values should be merged into cached recipe")
(condition-case err
(el-get-merge-properties-into-status invalid-update-source)
(signal 'test-failure "Failed to raise error when trying to update non-updatable property."))
(error (message "Got error as expected. Error was:\n%S" err)))
;; Try the no-error option. Obviously, it shouldn't throw an error,
;; and it also shouldn't update anything.
(el-get-merge-properties-into-status invalid-update-source nil :noerror t)
(assert (null (plist-get (el-get-read-package-status-recipe 'a) :features)) nil
"Cached recipe should not be updated")
;; This should update things
(el-get-merge-properties-into-status invalid-update-source nil :skip-non-updatable t)
(assert (plist-get (el-get-read-package-status-recipe 'a) :features) nil
"New values should be force-merged into cached recipe")
;; Now make sure `el-get-init' updates things.from `el-get-sources'
(let ((el-get-sources (list update-source-2)))
(el-get-init 'a))
(assert (bound-and-true-p second-update-succeeded) nil
"el-get-init should auto-update the recipe"))
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