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Repetier-Firmware startpage


Repetier-Firmware is a firmware for RepRap like 3d-printer powered with an arduino compatible controller. This firmware is a nearly complete rewrite of the sprinter firmware by kliment which based on Tonokip RepRap firmware rewrite based off of Hydra-mmm firmware. While I changed nearly all parts, I kept the sprinter logic as far intact as possible. As a result, all boards with at least 64kB RAM working with Sprinter should work with this firmware. This includes Sanguino/GEN 6/Gen 7/Mega/RAMPS/ Teensylu/Printrboard Boards.


The project is licenced under the GPL V3. A copy is attached in the repository.


  • RAMP acceleration support.
  • Path planning for higher print speeds.
  • Advanced LCD menu system.
  • Stand alone printing with menu system and sd card.
  • User defined actions for all connected keys.
  • Ooze Preventions System
  • Trajectory smoothing for smoother lines.
  • Nozzle pressure control for improved print quality with RAMPS.
  • Fast - 16000 Hz stepper frequency and more is possible with a 16 MHz AVR.
  • Multiple extruder supported (experimental).
  • Standard ASCII and improved binary (Repetier protocol) communication.
  • Autodetect the command protocol, so it will work with any host software.
  • Continuous monitoring of one temperature.
  • Important parameters are stored in EEPROM and can easyly modified without recompilation of the firmware.
  • Stepper control is handeled in an interrupt routine, leaving time for filling caches for next move.
  • PID control for extruder temperature.
  • Interrupt based sending buffer (Arduino library normally waits for the recipient to receive written data)
  • Small RAM memory print, resulting in large caches.
  • Supports SD-cards
  • mm and inches can be used for G0/G1
  • Works with Skeinforge 41, all unknown commands are ignored.
  • Works with Slic3r.
  • Dry run : Execute yout GCode without using the extruder. This way you can test for non-extruder related failures without actually printing.

How to start

Read the installation page, for informations about the installation process.

In User Interface you find more informations about connecting LCD/keys/buzzer to your board and how to configure them.

Read also Temperature control for a better understanding of the temperature settings.

Hardware settings and print quality gives for more information about the stuff behind the scenes. This will help you, to understand your printer and some configuration settings.

Ooze Preventions System informs about an alternative ooze control.

Still open questions or problems? Read Troubleshooting


Recommended software

Host software

Windows user should use Repetier-Host. It supports all features of this firmware, including binary data transfer, EEPROM settings and temperature monitor.

Other host software like Repsnapper and pronterface will work, too. Some unique features are not controllable (temperature monitor) or need manual commands not found in the host interface.

Slicing software

The recommended slicing software is Skeinforge. You may also give SFACT a try.

Project status

There are no known errors in the finished parts. Tested hardware:

  • GEN6 controller with Mendel-Parts default Mendel/Adrian extruder.
  • GEN6 controller with Pruse and Wade extruder.

Please feel free to send me your working combination. Combinations not listed are likely to work, too. It's only, no one reported this!

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