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Koupler is for Couples
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Visit Koupler at

Koupler is an app that matches couples interested in doing things together. We built it on the MEAN stack (mySQL, express, angular, node). Koupler is built with a client side and a server side, respectively the front-end and the back-end. I will use those terms interchangeably throughout this document.



There are 3 views, 3 controllers, and 1 factory: Signup/signin, which is powered by AuthController Activities, which is powered by ActivitiesController Match, which is powered by MatchController AuthTokenFactory, which can get, set, or authorize tokens


There are two routers: Couples Router, which handles get and post requests from the signin/signup portion of the angular app Activities Router, which handles get and post requests from the activities and match portion of the angular app


There are two tables: Couples, which records each couples metadata and login details Activities, which records the activities that each couple is interested in

#Style Guide

We used the MakerSquare style guide for this project to ensure consistency and readability. You can reference the style guide here.

####Coding Examples

We would like to highlight a few processes in the code that may be easily overlooked and occur regularly.

Authenticating: In the client-section of the project in the auth folder there is the auth.js file. A new auth token will need to be created for each new user or returning user

alt text

Getting Matched with a Couple: In the server-section of our project in the activities folder there is the activityCtrl.js file. A query to the database must be sent and will return a random match.

alt text

Rendering Home Page: In client-section of our project in the app.js file. The code below loads the homepage without making any initial calls to the server.

alt text

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