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Repology is a service which monitors a lot of package repositories and other sources and aggregates data on software package versions, reporting new releases and packaging problems.

This repository contains Repology web application code. See it online. See also the updater code, a backend service which updates the repository information.


For development

For HTML validation in tests:

For python code linting:


Preparing the database

To run the webapp, you first need a database created and filled by repology-updater as explained in its documentation.

Running the webapp

Repology is a flask application, so as long as you've set up database and configuration, you may just run the application locally:


and point your browser to to view the site. This should be enough for personal use, experiments and testing.

Alternatively, you may deploy the application in numerous ways, including mod_wsgi, uwsgi, fastcgi and plain CGI application. See flask documentation on deployment for more info.

For instance, you can deploy with uwsgi with the following command line arguments:

uwsgi --mount /=repology-app:app --pythonpath=<path-to-repology-checkout>



GPLv3 or later, see COPYING.