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AzureDevOps bug tracking system integration for ReportPortal


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Azure DevOps bug tracking system integration for ReportPortal



  • Install Node.js (version 20 is recommended).

Install the dependencies: npm install

Run in dev mode:

npm run dev # Run webpack in dev watch mode
npm run start # Serve built files

Available only from RP v23.3: use

window.RP.overrideExtension(pluginName, url);

function call in browser to override the plugin UI assets in favor of your local development changes, f.e.

window.RP.overrideExtension('Azure DevOps', 'http://localhost:9090');

Build the UI source code: npm run build

How it works: UI plugin docs.

Build the plugin


  • Install JDK version 11.
  • Specify version number in file.

Note: Versions in the develop branch are not release versions and must be postfixed with NEXT_RELEASE_VERSION-SNAPSHOT-NUMBER_OF_BUILD (Example: 5.3.6-SNAPSHOT-1)

Build the plugin: gradlew build