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RepreZen builds commercial tools, open standards and open source technologies for the next generation of API design.

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  1. High-performance Parser, Validator, and Java Object Model for OpenAPI 3.x

    Java 121 32

  2. Eclipse Editor for the Swagger-OpenAPI Description Language

    Java 105 11

  3. Semoasa Public

    Specification Extension Metadata for OAS Annotations (Semoasa) is a machine-readable format for extensions to Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 specifications.

    28 1

  4. A framework for creating Java Parser + read/write API for JSON (or YAML) based languages

    Java 11 5

  5. GenFlow Public

    A unified framework for API code generators that work with OpenAPI, RAPID-ML and other description languages.

    JavaScript 9 1

  6. Forked from OAI/OpenAPI-Specification

    The OpenAPI Specification Repository



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