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CoCoME Cloud JEE Platform

This is the cloud variant of CoCoME implementing the evolution scenario platform migration.

CoCoME uses Maven as built system. It has, therefore, a specific directory layout and subdivision in subprojects. In the following we describe the overall structure and point to specific information to setup the build system, configure the deployment, and trigger deployment and undeployment.

Directory Structure

  • cocome-maven-project project root

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service root of the logic services sub-project

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-enterprise-logic enterprise node

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-logic-core-api

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-logic-core-impl

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-logic-core-services

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-registry-client

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-registry-service registry service

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/cloud-store-logic store node

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-logic-service/java-utils utility java code (this might be moved to a separate project in the future)

  • cocome-maven-project/cloud-web-frontend root of the web frontend sub-project

  • cocome-maven-project/doc documentation

Important Information

  • cocome-maven-project/doc/ describes how to configure a fresh checkout
  • cocome-maven-project/doc/ explains the general setup of the CoCoME execution environment and how to deploy and undeploy components
  • cocome-maven-project/doc/eclipse-setup.txt contains an collection of hints and advices to configure Eclipse to work with CoCoME


This is the cloud variant of CoCoME implementing the evolution scenario Platform Migration



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