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Stories in Ready retebuonvivere

This fork is the new main repo for

table of contents

what is

  • is a drupal-based collaboration graph for the community (the network) of the Civil Society and Social Economy Organizations (CSSESBOs) of the province of Verona, Italy.
  • It is built on top of Panopoly base distribution.
  • The code can be cloned to build similar websites
  • The specificity of the website is its massive use of network graphs visualizations to render collaboration between organizations (to let people see the big picture).

structure of the project

We don't use git submodules anymore, so now there is only one repo (this one) and one tree (we changed this to better integrate our workflow with bountysource).


  • We (try to) follow a code-driven development workflow for our custom modules and configuration, in order to boost teamworking.
  • If you want to contribute to this civil society network tool, great! Get in touch with us: write to
  • We also use bountysource to give some money to developers who contribute with the issue queue. So, go check it out!
  • And we use as issue tracker!
  • Fork this repo and use this drupal installation to build your own collaboration graph.


To install this drupal website you can start from the latest drupal makefile and build the latest website configuration.

We do it this way (linux based example):

git clone reponame
cd reponame/
drush make drupal/makes/retebuonvivere1.13.make path/to/sitename
cd path/to/sitename/profiles/
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/profiles/rbv_profile/ rbv_profile
cd path/to/sitename/sites/all/modules/
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/modules/features/ features
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/modules/custom/ custom
cd path/to/sitename/sites/all/themes/
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/themes/custom/ custom
cd path/to/sitename/sites/all/libraries/
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/libraries/d3.meshwork d3.meshwork
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/libraries/
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/libraries/d3.network2 d3.network2
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/libraries/rbv_kala_default_bootstrap rbv_kala_default_bootstrap
ln -s path/to/reponame/drupal/libraries/fullcalendar fullcalendar

Then create a new mySQL dbname with all permissions and

cd path/to/sitename
drush si rbv_profile --account-name=admin --account-pass=admin --db-url=mysql://dbuser:dbpass@localhost/dbname --locale=it
drush fr -y rbv_com_fields rbv_org rbv_project rbv_relpro rbv_relation rbv_view_graph rbv_event rbv_view_explore rbv_pages rbv_networkadmin
drush cc all
  • Open the website in your browser and check the reports page.

  • You'll probably need to rebuild permissions. And keep in mind that you may also need to set some permissions (we haven't export those settings much).

  • If you want to enable the production theme, go to appearence, enable and set default rbv kala default. Then go to the theme settings and hit save configuration.

  • We have slightly modified d3 module to support more graph api fields (nodes uri, links dates...). So, if you need to use those features you need to manually apply the changes (more details coming soon).

demo and production

At you can find the working production website for the network of Verona, Italy. Check out particularly and

rationale of the project

«Civil Society», «Social Economy» and Social Business organizations (CSSESBOs :-) are non-profit associations, cooperatives, social enterprises, social businesses, citizens' committees, ethical purchasing groups, foundations, and many more.

CSSESBOs have many projects in the field, and they cooperate with each other on projects. They can be associated in networks. Projects target specific problems in the path for improving social, economic, or environmental conditions.

CSSESBOs cooperates also with other groups: Government and local Government organizations, and "traditional" business organizations.

CSSESBOs share some high level (system level) aims/purposes and values:

  • sustainability («we act to enhance sustainability of the planet»);
  • happiness («we want and we cooperate in order to have a joyful life»);
  • the commons paradigm («we take care! We don't wait for things to descend from above, top-down. We do it bottom-up. We step forward, and we seek cooperation. This way only, we can achieve a social organization able to maintain sustainability»);
  • social justice («bottom-up, sustainable and joyful also imply the respect of rights, recognizing diversity but pursuing social equality and solidarity»).

CSSESBOs are organized bottom-up, from the individual organization to local networks, up to national, regional, international and global networks. We have also cross-cutting ties. Also, projects can have local or broader scopes.

This site is a representational tool for any local level CSSESBOs network. We maintain a working site which serves the local network of Verona, Italy. In the spirit of open-source, community-based software, the code is here to be forked, cloned and used from other networks, and to join forces to create the tools we all need!


This project is promoted mainly by two CSSESBOs networks of Verona: Mag Verona and Naturalmente Verona. Reference person for retevuonvivere at Naturalmente Verona is Andrea Tronchin, at Mag Verona is Loredana Aldegheri. Thank you!

Check out this page about project at Mag's website. And this list of posts about retebuonvivere project and events related to retebuonvivere project at Naturalmente Verona's website.

technical staff


  • Miro Marchi miromarchi contributes as drupal configurator and maintainer for this project. Please bear in mind that I am an anthropology PhD candidate, not a programmer. So be patient please, I'm a newbie! This website is part of my thesis.

Past (descending order, from last collaboration):

  • Lucia Fiorio (linkedin profile) contributed in network administration and network growth.
  • Roberto Previdi hariseldon78 contributed as javascript programmer for d3js viz.
  • Pierluigi Tacinelli linkedin profile contributed setting up the linux virtual server.
  • Sirio Marchi ohjimijimijimi contributed as drupal and git supervisor.
  • Marco Andreoli fonzy85vr contributed as (original) programmer and Agile project manager.


Get in touch with us: