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A Go package to interact with the Bitly API
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If you'd like to use Bitly to shorten, brand, share, or retrieve data from links using Go, this is the right module you're looking for. This lib is a wrapper on top of the v4 Bitly API.

Why build this?

I think Bitly is an awesome service, but to interact with it using the API, and marshaling and unmarshalling the data every time was a bit of a mess. Because there wasn't a good Go module available yet, I decided to build my own.


To use the Bitly module, you'll need to create a Generic Access Token. That access token can be used to create the bitly client.

import (


func main() {
	bitly := client.NewClient().WithAccessToken("<myAccessToken>")

Depending on which type of resource you want to access, you'll need to import one of the services

import (
    "" // If you want to use the bitlinks resource
    "" // If you want to use the bsds resource
    "" // If you want to use the groups resource
    "" // If you want to use the organizations
    "" // If you want to use the users resource

For example, getting the details of the user would be

package main

import (


func main() {
	// Generate a new Bitly client
	bitly := client.NewClient().WithAccessToken("<myAccessToken>")
	// Create a new users service
	usersSvc := users.New(bitly)
	// Get the details of your user
	me, err := usersSvc.RetrieveUser()
	if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("User details: %+v\n", me)
    // Result
    // User details: {Created:2018-08-05T22:08:53+0000 Modified:2018-08-05T22:29:42+0000 Login:myOrganization IsActive:true Is2FaEnabled:false Name:John Doe Emails:[{ IsPrimary:true IsVerified:true}] IsSsoUser:false DefaultGroupGUID:myGuid}


If something is missing, or if you'd like to suggest new features feel free to create an issue or a PR! The code is structured as

├── client
│   ├── bitlinks       <-- Bitlinks service
│   │   ├── api.go     <-- The types and helper methods for the service
│   │   └── service.go <-- The methods that can be used with this module
│   ├── bsds           <-- BSDs service
│   │   ├── api.go
│   │   └── service.go
│   ├── groups         <-- Groups service
│   │   ├── api.go
│   │   └── service.go
│   ├── http.go
│   ├── organizations  <-- Organizations service
│   │   ├── api.go
│   │   └── service.go
│   └── users          <-- Users service
│       ├── api.go
│       └── service.go
└── go.mod


See the LICENSE file in the repository


A most sincere thanks to the team of Bitly, for building such an awesome service that I enjoy every day!

This package is not endorsed by Bitly

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