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Ocaml 4.00.0-beta2 - Community maintained Architectures

For the 4.00 line of OCaml compiler the core developers decided to jettison some of the less commonly used architectures (Alpha, HPPA, IA64 -aka Itanium- and MIPS) to focus mainly on x86/amd64 and ARM targets. Also, some other architectures were not receiving their share of care, leading to some courageous volunteers to maintain their own improved backends.

This repository aims to collect in a central location all these community maintained architectures in addition to restore the archs that were pruned for the 4.00 release.

Following are some details about the currently available additional architectures.


To be done


Compared to the legacy mips backend, targeting the Irix OS, this one is for GNU/linux on MIPS, either big or little endian. The ABI used is n32, as in the past.

It's well tested on the Loongson processors but should work on other variants too.


To be done

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