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A highly customizable keyboard-oriented web browser for the XULRunner platform.
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branding branding/content/about.png: logo for 'about:' page
chrome branding/content/about.png: logo for 'about:' page
components jsx module system
content conkeror.xul: add fullscreenbutton to conkeror window
contrib contrib/debian/ Use fgrep in a way it doesn't get cau…
debian Debian package: Upload to unstable as 1.0~~pre-1+git141025-1
defaults/preferences layout.spellcheckDefault pref off by default
help help/help.html: rewording
locale revert 84f0553, fixing bug
modules spawn-process.js: delete obsolete/incorrect comments
search-engines search-engines/duckduckgo.xml: update for Conkeror/DuckDuckGo agreement
style hints-minibuffer-annotation-mode: inline hints URL display
tests refactor completers
.gitignore .gitignore: add /xulrunner
COPYING Updated license/copyright and credit information
INSTALL INSTALL: Fix small spelling mistake
Info.plist change version to 1.0pre1
Makefile Makefile: Only set CFLAGS if not already set
application.ini change version to 1.0pre1
chrome.manifest Support Gecko >= 26 Downloads.jsm interface
conkeror-spawn-helper.c conkeror-spawn-helper.c: redirect STDIN and STDOUT to /dev/null rathe…
content-policy.manifest content-policy: do not auto-load the content-policy component
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