A highly customizable keyboard-oriented web browser for the XULRunner platform.
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Conkeror is a programmable Web browser based on Mozilla's
XULRunner, inspired by GNU Emacs.

Type `C-h t' to view the tutorial, or see the wiki at
http://conkeror.org for more information.

Official git repository: http://repo.or.cz/conkeror.git

Installation instructions

Run `make' to compile conkeror-spawn-helper and create the
conkeror launch script. Run `make install' to install

Compilation options

   - make PREFIX=/usr:
     Install conkeror to /usr instead of /usr/local.
     Needed in both the build stage and the install stage.
   - make DESTDIR=../pkg PREFIX=/usr install:
     Install conkeror to ../pkg/usr.
   - make etags:
     Extrude etags for ease of emacsing.
   - make dist:
     Create conkeror-$version.tar.gz, where
     version=$(grep '^Version=' application.ini | cut -d '=' -f 2)
   - make clean:
     Removes conkeror, conkeror-spawn-helper, versioned
     tarballs, and etags from the current working directory.
   - make uninstall:
     Remove files created by make install (remember to set
     PREFIX and DESTDIR, if need be). You should probably
     install by creating a proper package using your
     disribution's packaging tools instead.

Advanced Installation

Please read the page from the following list most specific
to your OS.

For Debian, Ubuntu, and similar OSes:

For Mac OS X:

For other Unix-like systems and Windows:


  - Wiki: http://conkeror.org
  - IRC: irc://irc.freenode.net/#conkeror
  - Mailing list: http://conkeror.org/MailingList
  - Reporting bugs: http://conkeror.org/ConkerorBugs