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D# (DogeSharp)

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D# is a programming language for Doge fans.

Huge disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing, and definitely shouldn't write languages.

You can shout ideas at me on Twitter: @returnString

People have asked for a Dogecoin donation address, so I set this up: DAvLTZVRz9zg3wWjU5BbkjRR5ojnLJsunG

many System

much MyClass
	very MyClass many int x much public
		data so x;

	such data so int much readonly

much Program
	very Main so void much static
		such rand gimme Random;
		such x plz rand.Next;
		wow x;
		such instance gimme MyClass many 1;



  • many <namespace> - using statement for namespace
  • much <typename> ... - declare a type
  • very <methodname> so <returntype> [many <argtype> <argname>] [much <modifier>] - declare a method
  • very <typename> [much <modifier>] - declare a constructor
  • such <variablename> <expression>; - declare and assign a local variable
  • plz <method> [many <arg>] - call a method
  • so maths <expression> <operator> <expression> - use mathematical operators
  • wow <expression>; - print to console
  • amaze <expression>; - return a value


Compiling .ds files

Files with a ds extension are considered D# files. We use the dsc command-line tool (D# compiler) to convert these to either a .NET executable or DLL.

dsc.exe /target:exe /out:MyProgram.exe MyProgram.ds

dsc currently uses a translation step to generate .NET code, by converting .ds files into .cs files for the C# compiler behind the scenes. To see the generated files, use the /PreserveTranslated command-line option.



  • ANTLR v4 (Nuget)
  • Java v1.6+

From source

git clone

Windows: Open the solution in VS and build, or use MSBuild from cmd. Unix: Use to generate the necessary ANTLR files from the grammar, then build the project inside Xamarin Studio or use xbuild from a terminal.

The build process first takes DogeSharp.csproj and outputs the dsc tool. Then, we invoke dsc for the sample projects as specified in build.bat/sh. This way, we can test the entire process from inside VS.