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Application with Xmrig and XmrMiner (CPU + GPU) for mining Bytecoin on Minergate mining pool.
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(Bytecoin CPU and GPU miner for Minergate Pool)

Application combining Xmrig and XmrMiner (CPU + GPU) for mining Bytecoin on Minergate mining pool.

You do not have to install Xmrig and XmrMiner as they are included in the zip folder.

For downloading without source code :

Download XtremeMinergateMiner(no source code).7z


Download XtremeMinergateMiner(no source code).zip

Then unzip the file and run XtremeMinergateMiner.exe in the Release folder.

For downloading with source code :

Download XtremeMinergateMiner.7z or

Unzip the file

Go to the following unzipped folder : XtremeMinergateMiner\MiningLauncher\bin\Release

Click on the following executable file : XtremeMinergateMiner.exe

Enter you email address in the displayed form

Click on "Start Miners"

Check that the status box shows "Started"

While it is mining, you can check that this is correctly working by logging in Minergate website and checking that Bytecoin is well mined on the dashboard associated to your email address.

Future versions will mine other cryptocurrencies.

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Xtreme Monero Minergate Miner download :

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