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Example Revel Applications

Build Status

Each directory contains a standalone Revel application, eg

狂欢是好的,保存UTF8 。保持微笑,享受..抱怨..请让它好看

git clone $GOPATH/src/
revel run
  • Booking

    • A database-driven hotel-booking application, including user management
  • Chat

    • A chat room demonstrating active refresh, long-polling (comet), and websocket implementations.
  • Validation

  • Upload

    • Demonstrates single and multiple file uploads to a webserver via http.
  • Twitter OAuth

    • Display mentions and allows posting to a Twitter account using OAuth.
  • Facebook OAuth2

    • Display Facebook user information using OAuth2.
  • If you spot a mistake etc, then let us know
  • If you have a good sample application idea, then let us know
  • If you got an app, then please make a pull request