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Lees vooral ook de Wikipagina's: (Nieuwe hardware iteratie, exact als Doorduino2 maar dan mooier)

== Configuration

Create a configuration file for every door, in which 'dev' points to the serial device of the associated Arduino.

echo "dev => '/dev/ttyUSB0'" > /home/pi/
echo "dev => '/dev/ttyUSB1'" > /home/pi/

== Starting manually, in the foreground ==

./ frontdoor  # or another config file

== Starting automatically using the systemd unit ==

cp doorduino@.service /etc/systemd/system

systemctl enable doorduino@frontdoor
systemctl enable doorduino@backdoor

systemctl status doorduino@frontdoor

== Starting automatically with cron ==

See doc/crontab.example and scripts/